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Here at Elite Wildlife Solutions, we offer many different services that you may need when dealing with any nuisance wildlife. We service the cities of Alpharetta, Canton, and Cartersville here in Georgia.

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We love being able to help homeowners with any wildlife issue, from raccoons to rats, and everything in between. In addition to our interior rodent removal and wildlife exclusion services, we are also proud to provide services like animal trapping, pressure washing, small handyman repairs, rodent control, crawlspace cleanouts, small insulation jobs, and many other services you might need. If you are having a nuisance pest or wildlife problem, reach out to us and let us take care of your problems with our many years of experience.

When an individual homeowner wants to begin getting rid of pests from their home or property, it can quickly become an ordeal. Not disturbing protected species is a big part of wildlife removal and there are a lot of species that require that the homeowner receives approval before removing them. This is why Elite Wildlife Solutions is always current with every law we need to be following, and we are sure to possess each license and permit that we need.

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Why Worry About Nuisance Wildlife?

The single most important problem that occurs when pests and nuisance wildlife are around are the various diseases and other health risks they can present to you, your family, and your pets. Virtually any of the pest animals commonly seen in Georgia carry rabies, leptospirosis, and many other nasty diseases. Rats and mice are known for carrying many different diseases that can kill humans, such as hantavirus, rat-bite fever, and leptospirosis. These often-fatal maladies can be given to people and their pets through many different methods. One of the simplest ways this happens is by a human coming into contact with the droppings of the animal, as these are host to many different bacterial and viral infections. As if this is not enough of a risk, being bitten by a critter or coming into contact with their saliva or urine can spread deadly diseases as well. As can be seen, you and your family living with nuisance animals in the same area can present quite an ugly picture.

Another problem frequently encountered with nuisance wildlife is the amount of damage these critters can cause to your business, your home, and any of your property. Rats and mice cause a wide variety of problems like chewing on wires and causing fires, chewing through structural materials, and tearing up insulation. Surprisingly enough, birds cause just as much damage as many of the more commonly known pests. Birds can leave their droppings everywhere, creating fire hazards, and some species peck their way through any wooden materials on your buildings. Some of the larger animals like raccoons and opossums tear up attics as they make a warm shelter for their young. Chewing up parts of your home and garage is the squirrel and chipmunks specialty, potentially causing serious structural issues. When it comes to the weakening of your structure and the foundation of your buildings, groundhogs and skunks are often the culprits. In addition to any of the structural problems they cause, these critters are also not afraid to ruin your personal belongings and other possessions.

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Why Hire Elite Wildlife Solutions?

Here at Elite Wildlife Solutions, we understand that pest control and wildlife removal seems like something you could easily do on your own. However, it is not as simple as setting traps and removing the animals. There is a process that is very important to follow that removes animals, while also preventing any future infestations of these same critters. Elite Wildlife Solutions is made up of wildlife control experts who have years of experience and the knowledge needed to handle unique situations with comfort and ease. In addition to each of our team members having experience in pest control, we are also experts with the many other services we perform. We believe the main reason homeowners should hire us is our ability to handle all steps of the pest control process, from the removal to the cleanup and repair of any damage. We offer many related services, such as handyman services, gutter cleanup, insulation installation, wildlife exclusions, and home seal-up, crawlspace cleanouts, and many, many more services.

Elite Wildlife Solutions is licensed by the state of Georgia and obeys each directive issued by the state. Ethics is one of our top priorities at Elite Wildlife Solutions, as we focus on treating our clients with the highest ethical standards. In addition, we treat the animals we remove with the highest level of ethics and humane treatment, as this is the right way to perform our services.