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About Us

Elite Wildlife Solutions started off small years ago. Since then, we have been built into a multi-county multi-service wildlife control company based in Georgia. We are proud Georgians, serving the residents of our service area with pride. Our service area includes cities like Alpharetta, Canton, and Cartersville. Elite Wildlife Solutions is made up of a team of dedicated, experienced, and knowledgeable professionals in the wildlife removal industry. Elite Wildlife Solutions promises to work hard for our clients, getting results with a minimal amount of time and investment. Our clients always come first, and we are always upfront and communicative with our clients about what we are doing and how much it will cost. Continue reading to learn more about the services Elite Wildlife Solutions offers to its clients.

Wildlife Removal

Elite Wildlife Solutions is generally most utilized for our wildlife removal service, as this is the primary concern of most clients. Our experts have the skills and knowledge to remove coyotes, foxes, bats, snakes, rodents, opossums, raccoons, birds, and many, many more nuisance animals. Not only can our experts remove these animals, but they also take special care to pay attention to each unique situation facing each client. Elite Wildlife Solutions professionals take treating animals humanely very seriously, and being ethical is of a high priority to us. If you ever have any situations where you could use some professional wildlife removal, be sure to contact Elite Wildlife Solutions and let us help out today.

Services We Offer

If you have utilized our wildlife removal services, or if you removed pests on your own, the job is not yet done. One important step that many overlook is repairing your house and preventing any future infestations of nuisance animals from occurring. Elite Wildlife Solutions focus on sealing up your home or other buildings to keep animals from getting back into your home. Elite Wildlife Solutions experts have the skills and experience to be able to perform any wildlife exclusion process you could ever need. If you want to seal your home up to keep nuisance animals out, contact us today.

If you have had an animal infestation recently or you think that your insulation should be replaced, be sure to reach out to Elite Wildlife Solutions. Our experts have the know-how to remove any old insulation and install new insulation into your home. We can install blown-in or batted insulation upon request. Replacing insulation helps your home’s energy efficiency to be high, saving you a lot of money in heating and cooling bills in the long run. If you would like your insulation replaced, give Elite Wildlife Solutions a call.

There are many steps to the wildlife removal process, and arguably none are more important than the cleanup and sanitation steps. Once the nuisance wildlife has been removed from your home, it is time to focus on the cleanup and sanitation of your home. When animals make it into your home, they often will be living in your attic. Before they are removed, they can create huge messes, mainly huge piles of feces and anything they decided to tear up. Cleaning up this mess is important, as the scent of animals can attract future pests in, as well as the health risks associated with feces laying around. Once cleaned up, sanitation is just as important, as there will still be a lot of bacteria and viruses around your home. Sanitation is important, as it will kill the thousands of potentially deadly individual viruses and bacteria around your house. Sanitation can save you and your family members’ lives, as one little bacteria could potentially be deadly. If you would like cleanup or sanitation services performed, reach out to Elite Wildlife Solutions and set up an appointment today.