Bird Control

Birds are such a common part of the everyday lives of people that it is often forgotten the amount of damage these seemingly innocent birds can cause. Between their health risks and the damage they cause to property, birds need to be removed as soon as possible. Continue reading to learn more about birds and how they can be controlled.

What problems do birds cause?

The biggest problem that birds cause is their ability to spread diseases to people. Bird droppings have been found to be carrying terrible diseases and bacteria, such as leptospirosis, encephalitis, and salmonella, in addition to many more. Many of the diseases that birds carry can actually kill humans. In addition to the direct potential for death from these diseases, bird feces can cause mold to grow, which can also harm humans.

One commonly overlooked problem that is attributed to birds is that they are the reason for many fires. In homes, birds love to make nests in chimneys, which often spark up and cause a house fire. One other commonly overlooked problem is the fact that bird urine and feces cause corrosion in metals, causing structural weakness to occur. It is shocking how much damage these seemingly innocent creatures can cause.

How can I remove birds?

The best step you can take is to contact a professional wildlife removal service to get rid of your bird problem. It is not easy at all to do the removal on your own, as birds are often inside of the walls of your home, and they may have babies in their nest. The babies need to be taken care of, as they will die slow deaths and cause terrible odors in your home if you do not take care of them. It is important to keep in mind that legal risk is a serious thing, as many birds are protected by state and city ordinances, meaning you could be heavily fined for trying to remove birds. However, if you insist on taking care of your bird infestation on your own, the first step you should take would be to search your attic and walls very thoroughly for any nests or baby birds. After removing nests and baby birds, you could set bird traps that are specifically made for this purpose, or you could try to get the birds to fly out on their own. If you believe you have all the birds out, look for any entry points into your home and seal them.

Bird removal

How Can I Stop Birds from Visiting My Attic?

We’ve heard of rats in the attic, even raccoons or squirrels finding their way inside. But another common but less appreciated pest is that of birds nesting inside attics. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, though. After all, birds fly, making attics the most obvious location to build a nest. Nevertheless, many homeowners don’t take the appropriate steps to stop bird nesting, and thus, don’t know how to act when they do. If you would like to learn more about birds in the attic visit

If you do find birds nesting in your attic, don’t tackle the problem alone. Contact Elite Wildlife Solutions, and we’ll get to work solving your avian infestation. But to prevent that from happening, follow these tips.

Look for attractants

Attractants are anything that’s drawing birds to your attic. That’s likely to include food sources such as:

  • Pet food
  • Fruit or nuts from fallen trees
  • Bird feeders (close to a house)
  • Garbage cans

Spot these attractants and remove them or change what you do. For instance, feeding your pet inside will prevent birds from stealing the food. Removing the fruit or nuts from your garden will reduce a significant food source, as will placing heavy lids on garbage cans. Nor do you need to remove all bird feeders completely. Simply place them at a greater distance from your property. 

bird control

Seal off the attic

The other obvious trick is to seal off the attic. That includes adding steel mesh around entryways or filling them up with foam. If the bird can’t get in, then they can’t infest or nest in your attic. It’s that simple. Considering many bird species are even smaller than rats and mice, look for especially small holes. Any entryway is a potential door into your attic, so don’t leave any unfilled.

Use a repellent

You can also use repellents around entry points or inside the attic, which will ward away potential nesters. Such repellents include peppermint oil, garlic, and cayenne pepper. These repellents have varying levels of efficacy with different species, however. There’s also a product known as bird repellent gel that emits ultraviolet light and contains the scent of peppermint oil. This double-whammy seems to be particularly effective.

Other repellents include audio emitters that produce a sound to irritate the birds. However, the emitters are often pricey. Though they usually do the trick.

Give them a choice

Installing a bird box or two on nearby trees is also an effective method for keeping them out of your attic. If they’ve got a better option, why nest in the attic? 

Positioning a bird box is key, however. Place the box up high, out of the way of potential predators. The box should also have a ‘landing stick’ – a nail or wooden dowel that the bird lands on. And, of course, a hole through which to enter – big enough that all species of nesting bird can enter. 

Dealing with an existing bird’s nest

If you already have a bird’s nest, you can always wait for them to leave before following the above steps. However, that could take some time. Alternatively, there is the option of trapping a bird in a cage trap, using birdseed as a lure. They can then be released outside. Or, you can humanely handle them, carrying them out. That’s riskier as certain species of bird are vectors of disease.

Instead, leave it to the professionals. At Elite Wildlife Solutions, we’re well-experienced in dealing with all infestations – birds and beasts alike. So, we’ll have no problem removing an avian pest and then sealing up all potential entry points. We’ll even advise on how to reduce the risk of recurrence. 

Why hire Elite Wildlife Solutions?

Elite Wildlife Solutions is proud to be one of the best options for removing birds in our service area of Alpharetta, Canton, and Cartersville, Georgia. Birds are a hard animal to remove, but our experts have tons of experience in handling nuisance birds. Removing birds with the highest ethical standards is a big priority for us. Consider hiring Elite Wildlife Solutions, as we not only remove animals and exclude wildlife, but we also offer other services, such as pressure washing, small handyman repairs, rodent inspections, crawlspace cleanouts, small insulation jobs, gutter cleanout, insulation installation, and many other services. If you believe you have a bird infestation, give Elite Wildlife Solutions a call, as we would love to help out.

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