Flying Squirrel Removal

The flying squirrel is a very commonplace animal in Georgia, and it is no surprise that they often find their way into homes and buildings. These little critters can actually cause a good amount of damage and should be removed as quickly as possible. Continue reading to find out more about flying squirrels and how to remove them.

What problems can flying squirrels cause?

Flying squirrels are generally more annoying than they are destructive, as they can cause quite a few problems. Their most destructive habit is gnawing holes into materials, potentially causing structural damage. In addition, if any flying squirrels find access into your home, they may make their way down into your walls. If they die in your home, they will cause a terrible odor for a few weeks. In addition to the chewing of materials and the potential for bad odors, these creatures can make a lot of noise that can drive you crazy. It is highly recommended to remove flying squirrels as soon as possible due to their potential to give birth to more flying squirrels.

How can I prevent flying squirrels?

Much like normal squirrels, flying squirrels can generally chew their way into most buildings. Therefore, it is important to not have them close to your home and on your property in the first place. By simply sealing up your dog food and your trash, you eliminate easy food sources for these little critters. In addition, consider picking up any fallen fruit from berry plants or fruit trees, as flying squirrels love these. Also, think about possibly reducing the number of trees you have in your yard. As can be seen, prevention generally involves making modifications to your property instead of your home.

flying squirrel control

How do I remove flying squirrels?

It might seem easy enough to buy some small cage traps and try to remove the flying squirrel on your own. This is not recommended for a variety of reasons. The most important being the amount of disease flying squirrels carry. Another reason is that oftentimes a homeowner cannot keep up with the infestation grows, which just draws out the problem. The best course of action is calling a professional wildlife removal service, as they will be able to quickly, safely, and effectively get rid of your flying squirrel problem.

Why hire Elite Wildlife Solutions?

Elite Wildlife Solutions is proud to be one of the best options for removing flying squirrels in our service area of Alpharetta, Canton, and Cartersville, Georgia. Our experience and knowledge with flying squirrel problems you may have are unsurpassed, no matter how unique the situation is. One of the most important priorities for us is the ethical removal of the flying squirrels from your building. Consider hiring Elite Wildlife Solutions, as we not only remove animals and exclude wildlife, but we also offer other services, such as pressure washing, small handyman repairs, rodent control, crawlspace cleanouts, small insulation jobs, gutter cleanout, insulation installation, and many other services. If you want your flying squirrel problem dealt with quickly and effectively, give Elite Wildlife Solutions a call today!

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