Rodent Control (Rats and Mice)

Often considered to be the most destructive nuisance pests, rats and mice present a wide variety of unique problems to homeowners. Rats and mice are highly prolific and their ability to repopulate quickly makes a rodent infestation a very bad thing.

What problems can rats and mice cause?

Rats and mice are some of the worst pest animals you can get in your home or building, as they not only can spread all kinds of diseases in your home, but they also cause a heavy amount of damage regardless of where they are residing at. The single most serious problem rats and mice present to you and your family are the potentially fatal diseases they have the ability to spread. Rodents are known carriers of diseases that can be fatal to humans. One of the most deadly is hantavirus, which kills around 40% of the people it infects. Another serious disease is rat-bite fever, which is a bacterial infection that can eventually cause breathing complications.

Rodents can spread their diseases in many different ways, each of which is really hard for a homeowner to prevent. The main way diseases are spread by rodents is when humans come into contact with any fecal matter, saliva, urine, or hair from the rodent. If these rodents decide to eat from your food storage areas, they can easily spread their diseases to you. Though it probably would not happen, you could also be bitten, which is far more serious than any other way diseases are spread.

As if the health risks rodents pose are not enough, they also love to damage physical property. Due to their unique anatomy, rats and mice can chew through virtually any material, causing potential structural damage. Most building materials are easily chewed through by rodents, and they can really wreak havoc on any of your belongings. Rats and mice love living as close as they can to food, so they will chew through your walls if they have to, simply to gain access to food. Rats and mice love to use homes for warmth during the colder months of the year. This generally leads them to search for somewhere that is warm in your home. This search most often leads them to the attic. At this point, rats and mice are looking to build nice, warm nests. The best and easiest way to do this is to simply tear up insulation to gather enough nesting materials. In addition to their destruction of insulation rats and mice love to chew on wires, and this can cause the potential for fires to occur. As can be seen, rodents are some highly destructive critters that should be dealt with as quickly as possible.

How can I prevent rats and mice?

Rodents are not the most easily prevented pests in the world, as they have the ability to squeeze through the smallest of holes and chew through virtually any material. With that being said, one of the simplest ways to keep rats and mice out of your home is to inspect your home’s exterior and interior, looking for any holes, gaps, or cracks that would potentially allow rodents access. A quick way to seal these entry points is to use an all-weather sealant or steel wool to plug the holes. In addition to sealing holes, eliminating easy food sources on your property is a quick way to keep rodents away. Simply seal up any pet food or trash you have lying about to get rid of easy food sources.

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How can I remove rats and mice?

         Setting traps for rats and mice seems simple enough to do on your own. If you have reason to believe that there are only a couple of rodents in your home, you can probably get them by using a trap of your choice. There are a variety of traps to choose from, such as the old snap trap, repeater lethal traps, repeater humane traps, and glue traps. However, oftentimes when homeowners try to do the removal on their own, the rats and mice will end up reproducing too quickly. This causes a serious infestation, which is nearly impossible to take care of without professional help. The easiest way to remove rodents from your home and your buildings is to simply call a professional pest control service, as you will generally save more time and money instead of attempting to remove them on your own.

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