Service Areas

Elite Wildlife Solutions is a full-service wildlife removal company that performs all kinds of different handyman services as well. We have years of experience in each of our services we offer and are proud to serve our clients with the best possible performance at the best possible price. 

Elite Wildlife Solutions has a service area that includes the following Georgia counties:

  • Cherokee
  • Pickens
  • Gilmer
  • Bartow
  • Dawson
  • Lumpkin
  • White
  • Union
  • Fannin
  • Murray
  • Forsyth
  • Towns
  • Gordon

Our services

Elite Wildlife Solutions offers a wide variety of services that you may need anytime you are dealing with nuisance wildlife. Our experts have experience in handling a wide variety of nuisance animal situations including bats, snakes, rodents, raccoons, birds, and any other critter found in Georgia. In addition to our interior rodent removal and wildlife exclusion services, we are also proud to provide services like animal trapping, pressure washing, small handyman repairs, rodent exclusion (these state that a pest control company has treated your building for rats), crawlspace cleanouts, small insulation jobs, and many other services you might need. No matter what kind of pest or nuisance wildlife problem you are having, be sure to contact Elite Wildlife Solutions, as we would love to help out.

What damage can animals cause?

When it comes to nuisance wildlife, the most serious damage that can be caused involves the health of you, your family, and your pets. Pretty much any nuisance animal that makes its way into your home or property has the potential to be carrying diseases ranging from rabies to hantavirus, and everything in between. For example, rodents have the ability to carry hantavirus. When this disease is spread to humans, this viral infection has a mortality rate of nearly 40%. This is cause for great concern.  There are many different ways that humans can be given these diseases by animals. The most common way is by humans simply coming into contact with an animal’s feces, urine, or saliva. Oftentimes, someone would not even notice that they contracted anything and could unwittingly spread it to their whole family. The most direct way that a human could contract a disease from a pest would be through a direct bite. As can be seen, health risks are very high when humans and nuisance wildlife live near each other.

Damaging property is another big reason why you should get rid of pests as quickly as possible. Rodents do all kinds of destructive things such as ripping up insulation, chewing through drywall and lumber, and chewing on wires (potentially creating a fire). Birds that roost in areas leave their urine and droppings all over metals, which cause them to corrode and weaken, sometimes catastrophically failing. Animals like skunks and groundhogs can dig below the foundation of your house, causing it to weaken eventually. In addition to any of the structural and property damage problems they cause, these critters are also not afraid to ruin your personal belongings and other possessions.

Why hire Elite Wildlife Solutions?

Elite Wildlife Solutions is proud to be one of the best options for performing all kinds of wildlife removal services in our service counties in Georgia. Consider hiring Elite Wildlife Solutions, as we not only remove animals and exclude wildlife, but we also offer other services, such as pressure washing, small handyman repairs, rodent letters, crawlspace cleanouts, gutter cleanout, and many other services. If you are a resident of any of the counties in our service area mentioned earlier, feel free to give us a call any time, as we would be happy to help you get rid of any of your pest-related problems.

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