Wildlife and Rodent Exclusion (Home Seal-Up)

Here at Elite Wildlife Solutions, we understand how nuisance wildlife can damage your home, your business, and any of your property. This is why we provide one of the best wildlife and rodent exclusion services you can find.

Residential Services

Once any nuisance wildlife or pests are removed, the battle is only half over. If you simply stop at removing all of the critters, eventually more will find their way back in. That is why Elite Wildlife Solutions provides this animal exclusion service to our clients so that there will be no future infestations of their buildings.

Nuisance wildlife has many ways that they can get into homes, but one of their favorites is to search around the roofline of your home. Soffit and fascia are generally some of the easiest access points for nuisance wildlife, as there are oftentimes small holes. If there are not any holes, the critters might chew their own holes in this softer material. Other possible entry points are any holes or loose shingles that allow access into your home. If a nuisance animal gets into your attic, it can cause some pretty serious damage. Chewing on wooden structures and drywall, tearing up insulation, chewing wires and creating fire hazards, and having their young are just some of the issues caused by nuisance wildlife. One of the most common entry points for critters is the chimney of your home. As can be seen, it is very serious when animals get into your attic. Elite Wildlife Solutions prides itself on the knowledge and experience to seal-up your attic, chimney, soffit and fascia, and shingles to ensure that no future nuisance wildlife can get in. We are a reliable wildlife control company that is proud to be able to offer a wide variety of pest control services to our clients. Continue reading to learn more about our home seal-up service.

Another favorite place for nuisance animals (especially rodents) to get in is near the foundation of your home. Rodents in particular can squeeze through the tiniest cracks and holes. Our experts take extra care to examine the interior and exterior of your home to perform wildlife exclusion work. Elite Wildlife Solutions experts seal up any problem areas and will repair virtually anything upon approval from the homeowner. If you have pest problems or see problems with your home, give us a call, as we would love to seal up your home for you.

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Commercial Services

If you are the owner of a business, you know how much efficiency you lose when distractions occur. One of the worst distractions that can happen is workers having encounters with nuisance wildlife. Nuisance animals cause all kinds of damage to commercial buildings, from fire hazards to structural damage, and everything in between.

There are all kinds of damage that pests can cause to your workplace. Fire hazards are a very big concern in commercial buildings, as they can end up being very serious and costly. Oftentimes it will be a rodent that chews on wires until they are exposed, eventually causing the fire. Elite Wildlife Solutions professionals know how to examine your property and figure out what needs to be repaired and sealed-up to prevent any nuisance wildlife. Structural weakening is a serious problem in industrial settings as well since many building materials are metal. If birds and bats release urine and feces on these materials, eventually they can be weakened and collapse catastrophically. In addition, rodents and other animals can chew through wooden structures in buildings, potentially causing further serious health risks and damage. Elite Wildlife Solutions experts can and will find every entry point for pests and seal them up, preventing all of this potential damage from occurring. 

Why hire Elite Wildlife Solutions?

Elite Wildlife Solutions is proud to be one of the best options for removing snakes in our service area of Alpharetta, Canton, and Cartersville, Georgia. Since snakes can be venomous, allow us to use our experience to get rid of them. Any snakes that we remove are treated with a high degree of care and humaneness. Consider hiring Elite Wildlife Solutions, as we not only remove animals and exclude wildlife, but we also offer other services, such as pressure washing, small handyman repairs, rodent letters, crawlspace cleanouts, small insulation jobs, gutter cleanout, insulation installation, and many other services. If you believe you have a snake problem, give Elite Wildlife Solutions a call, as we would love to help out.

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